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Who We Are:

“INFACT” comprises Lebanese organizations and foundations that work in the governance field.  It aims to combine the efforts of its members towards implementing targeted advocacy campaigns that improve citizens’ access to information and promote transparency. The network was founded in 2017, and its current members are: the Lebanese Transparency Association, NAHNOO, the Lebanese Foundation For Permanent Civil Peace, and ArabiaGIS.

 Our Members

Lebanese non-governmental organizations that have been working on various aspects of good governance.

Lebanese Transparency Association:
LTA, which was established in May 1999, is Transparency International (TI)’s Lebanese chapter. It is the first Lebanese NGO that focuses on curbing corruption and promoting the principles of good governance.
NAHNOO is an advocacy and research platform for participatory policy-making in Lebanon. Founded in 2009, NAHNOO works on four main areas of intervention: public spaces, good governance, cultural heritage, and youth engagement.
Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace:
The Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace was founded in 1987. It aims at promoting theoretical and practical works concerning the Lebanese experience, towards fostering a distinct civic culture.
Established in 2001, Beirut – Lebanon, ArabiaGIS is a pioneer in the MENA region in providing spatial visual software solutions to support business users and decision makers dealing with complex business problems and needing highly interactive and visual applications that would allow them to better understand, analyze, and simulate the real world situation.  

Our Vision:

INFACT marries the words “information” and “action”.  It is an advocacy network that aims to empower citizens and decision-makers to act, develop policies that promote transparency, and apply practices that encourage good governance, through the dissemination of key information and concepts.

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